Selling Items in /shop

/shop is a great way to get rid of your extra items for a bit of pocket change, you can sell items and gain money right away! Building farms, playing the game, you gain a lot of materials you may not need quickly. So just by using a few of the following commands, you can earn some extra cash!

Shop Categories

There are 9 shop categories to sell all of your blocks/items. Keep in mind, you are not able to buy a lot of items besides Blocks and Decorations. We make it this way so you have to work harder to get certain items! The prices fluctuate based on how many people sell things to keep you on your toes.
A shop category that is rank locked.


  • /shop - View the shop GUI
  • /sellgui - Opens a Chest to sell items in mass
  • /sellall - Sells everything that can be sold in your inventory
  • /sellall hand - Sells everything in your inventory of a specific item
  • /sellhand - Sells the item in your hand

Creating your own shop

If you ever want to sell your items to other players, you can visit our /mall warp in order to create your very own chest shops.
Simply find a plot that hasn't had a contract yet, right click the sign, and voila- you can now sell your items. Just follow the video below for a quick tutorial on how to make these shops.