๐Ÿ“„Player Stats

PyroMining will track for you your productivity in terms of flux acquisition, money youโ€™ve made, gemstones youโ€™ve found, Rune Guardians and Oracles youโ€™ve killed, and the number of artifacts youโ€™ve handled. More importantly, though, /mine stats will inform you of your current Zeta balance and PyroMining level and experience progress. Your PyroMining level is not the same as your Skills mining level, nor, if applicable, is it related to your Jobs mining level. Your PyroMining level affects which Vessels you are permitted to craft and your ability to summon Oracles (minimum level 40). PyroMining does not use a skill tree progression thatโ€™s based on your level (see Singularity for its equivalent).

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