Vessels (Custom Enchantments)

Nomenclature~ The term “vessel” refers to multiple forms, so they will be used here as such:

  • Vessel item - refers to the item that is crafted, which is then applied to a pickaxe

  • Vessel progression - refers to the state of the pickaxe after the item has been applied but before the enchantment takes effect. This state is indicated by your pickaxe being temporarily renamed with the vessel name.

  • Vessel boss - refers to the mob that must be fought, whose defeat applies the enchantment to the pickaxe

  • Vessel enchantment - refers to the enchantment on the pickaxe after defeating the boss

The wording here does not necessarily reflect the verbage used by the plugin developers, but is written such that it is hopefully more clear to you as a player.

Vessels are a handful of things but ultimately they are custom enchantments for pickaxes that you have to put work into. Once you have crafted a vessel item from a refinery, you can apply that vessel item to a pickaxe by dragging it and clicking it onto your pickaxe. Performing this action initiates a vessel progression specific to that pickaxe. The vessel item is the only state in which vessels are transferable between players. Obtaining a vessel item and applying it to your pickaxe is not the end that gets you a fancy new enchantment on your pickaxe, but rather a beginning of a process to get that enchantment.

Vessel Progression

The vessel progression is the long, bumpy road to getting a vessel enchantment on your pickaxe. When you apply the vessel item to the pickaxe, your pickaxe will be renamed to indicate the vessel enchantment towards which you are now working. You may only have one vessel progression applied to a pickaxe at a time, and the same vessel type does not stack for progression.

During the vessel progression, use your pickaxe normally, but know that each ore you mine could be the death of you, as there is now a chance for the vessel boss to spawn. This spawn chance is extremely low – less than 1%, but you should stay weary as vessel bosses are not meant to be easy. The vessel boss is not the only creature you could encounter during the vessel progression. Thralls are small mobs (silverfish) which also emerge from the ores you mine on occasion. As you kill these little critters, you gain Requium XP, or anger, towards your vessel progression.

The timespan with which you deal with the vessel progression is affected by your preparedness in another area: requiums. Each vessel progression, even for the same vessel type, requires a different requium ordering. Without the correct requium ordering, you are not permitted to kill the vessel boss.


Unidentified fossils are obtained from identifying artifacts. To identify a fossil, place it back in /mine artifacts. The time to identify a fossil is one hour. Fossils come from three different creatures: dragon, manticore, and phoenix, and there are 13 uniquely named creatures which translate directly into 13 unique Vessels. An unidentified fossil will indicate the creature type, while an identified fossil will assign a name to it.

There are eight fossil parts belonging to each vessel creature: skull, arm, spine, rib, tail, wing, leg, and foot. Having all eight of those parts for a single creature will allow you to craft a vessel item in a refinery. See refinery page for information on converting your identified fossil collection into a vessel item. Each vessel costs Zeta and requires a minimum PyroMining level to be crafted from fossils.

Nagyns’ Vessel

Minimum Level: 5

Zeta Cost: 95,000

Necros’ Vessel

Minimum Level: 5

Zeta Cost: 95,000

Neptulus’ Vessel

Minimum Level: 5

Zeta Cost: 75,000

Imperos’ Vessel

Minimum Level: 5

Zeta Cost: 75,000

Seraphs’ Vessel

Minimum Level: 8

Zeta Cost: 145,000

Auroras’ Vessel

Minimum Level: 12

Zeta Cost: 120,000

Nefaris’ Vessel

Minimum Level: 18

Zeta Cost: 140,000

Valakas’ Vessel

Minimum Level: 22

Zeta Cost: 175,000

Skylarks’ Vessel

Minimum Level: 25

Zeta Cost: 150,000

Rezoths’ Vessel

Minimum Level: 30

Zeta Cost: 200,000

Xostrans’ Vessel

Minimum Level: 35

Zeta Cost: 162,500

Mementos’ Vessel

Minimum Level: 40

Zeta Cost: 300,000

Requium Orbs

Requium orbs, if not recovered from shattered requium orbs, are found in tier III and higher artifacts. You can improve your chances of obtaining requium orbs from artifacts by upgrading the Final Whisper passive in the /mine artifacts menu. There are 12 different orbs which can be collected, and thus required at random: Aleph, Bet, Daleth, Gimel, Heh, Het, Tet, Vav, Yud, Yud Aleph, Yud Bet, and Zayin.

Three random requium orbs are required to kill each vessel boss. To use them, head to the /mine vessels menu with your vessel-progressing pickaxe in your inventory. Once you’ve opened the menu, pick up your pickaxe. This will select it for the menu so that any requiums you move are directly associated with that particular pickaxe. The anvil’s wording says “Click Your Pickaxe.”

With your pickaxe loaded, you should now be able to freely move requium orbs into and out of the three slots below the iron bars. Simply exit the menu to save your chosen requium placements. When you are fighting the vessel boss, these slots are checked for what requiums you have placed in them, consecutively. If it performs the check and the requium orb is correct, the vessel boss’ “shield” partly breaks down and you may continue to fight the vessel boss. If it performs the check but finds an incorrect requium orb in the slot, the vessel boss immediately starts a despawn counter and soon thereafter disappears, leaving you with the knowledge that a particular requium orb does not go in a particular slot.

Getting the correct ordering of requium orbs can be done by guesswork – set random requiums, and the next time the vessel boss spawns, see if they are consecutively correct. You’ll receive a chat message with the requium mentioned in green when it is correct, and the /mine vessels menu will then update to state the requium for that slot since you’ve figured it out. This is not a particularly efficient method, though, as there are 12 possible requiums and 3 slots that you’d have to guess correctly, changing them out for each new spawn of the vessel boss just to guess. It is recommended, though, to set the first one or two requiums immediately after applying the vessel item to your pickaxe, so that you can at least start ticking requiums off the list at the first random spawn of the vessel boss. Failed attempts do not consume your requium orbs; they can be withdrawn after the vessel boss has despawned.

Fortunately, there is a system that works toward directly telling you what each of the requiums should be, and that is through thralls and requium XP (also called “anger”). See below for more details on thralls and their role in the vessel progression.

Note that the requium ordering for one vessel progression differs from the requium ordering for other vessel progressions. For instance, if you’ve applied Valakas Nightfall to your pickaxe, and used the requiums Yud Bet, Aleph, and Vav when you defeated Valakas the first time, the next time you are working towards Valakas Nightfall may instead require Yud Aleph, Bet, and Zayin to defeat Valakas again, or any other combination of requiums.

If you have placed all three requiums correctly, you will be able to proceed with killing the vessel boss. Defeating the vessel boss returns three shattered requium orbs and immediately applies the vessel enchantment to the pickaxe on which the vessel progression was applied (and returns the pickaxe’s name to normal as well). This is the end of the vessel progression and, as the PyroMining informational menus say it, you have defeated the vessel.

Shattered Requium Orbs: Obtainable from refining mysterious dust and after defeating a vessel boss (three are dropped from killing the vessel boss). These represent fragments of a requium orb, and every four shattered pieces can be recombined to form a random requium orb. To convert, hold a stack of four or more shattered requium orbs and right click. Four of them will be consumed and you will be given a requium orb in their place which can then be used as normal.


Thralls are small hostile mobs – specifically silverfish – which have a small chance to spawn when you are mining ores using a pickaxe imbued with a vessel progression.

A vessel progression is so-called (here, at least) primarily because of the succession of “anger” that a vessel develops. The anger stat can be viewed after selecting your pickaxe when in the /mine vessels menu, and the levels include Indifferent (default), Annoyed (100%-199% anger), Furious (200-299% anger), and Fuming (300-399% anger). The value in anger, though, is its percentage increase on each requium slot (seen by hovering over the iron bars in /mine vessels). When the anger for a requium slot reaches 100%, the expected requium orb for that slot is revealed. Anger towards requium slots affects one slot at a time and proceeds in order. It can be progressed such that you’re eventually told all three required requiums.

Each thrall you kill increases the anger percentage. The XP yield from thralls can be upgraded with the Requium Progress passive in /mine singularity. Without upgrades, it takes around 14+ thralls to reveal a required requium. You can increase your chance of spawning thralls with Necros Realm on your pickaxe.

Anger resets for each new vessel progression.

Vessel Miniboss

To finish applying a vessel to your pickaxe, you must defeat the vessel boss. The vessel boss has a very small chance to spawn when you mine ores with your pickaxe having the vessel progression. When the boss has spawned, you will temporarily lose access to /mine vessels and the requiums that you have set at the time will be used to attempt to defeat the boss. The vessel boss continues to have a chance to respawn until you have defeated it.

The level of the vessel boss, and its corresponding thralls, will depend on the total number of vessels you have already applied to your pickaxe. Eg. if you have Nagyns Tranquility II and Valaks Nightfall I on your pickaxe, the vessel boss will be level 4.

Vessel bosses have a chance to spawn with a random quirk, granting the vessel boss a small advantage. You can check which quirk, if any, your vessel boss will have by looking at the stats in /mine vessels.


  • Fire damage immunity

  • Projectile immunity

  • Slowness immunity

  • Life steal

  • Armor piercing

  • Enhanced speed

Info & Enchants

Vessel enchantments will apply to your pickaxe immediately after you kill the vessel boss (it is assumed your pickaxe will be in your inventory at this time, as it only spawns when mining with the pickaxe). Each vessel can be added on more than once to increase its effects and overall level; if there is already one or more levels of the vessel enchantment on the pickaxe, defeating the vessel boss increases that level by one.


Auroras Blaze

Max Level: 2

Element: Fire

Automatically smelt iron and gold ores mined

Max Bonus: 25% chance for bonus ingot

Imperos Winds

Max Level: 8

Element: Sky

Increases chance to find rarer Artifacts (higher-tiered)

Max Bonus: 5% increased fossil chance when opening artifacts

Mementos Stopwatch

Max Level: 20

Element: Time

Gives chance for double drops when mining ores (no silk touch) Max Bonus: Chance for 3x drops

Nagyns Tranquility

Max Level: 5

Element: Speed

Increase chance for Mysterious Dust drops when mining ores

Max Bonus: 20% chance for 2x drop

Necros Realm

Max Level: 3

Element: Death

Grants bonus XP when unlocking Requiums and increases Thrall spawn chance

Max Bonus: 50% reduced thrall spawn cooldown

Nefaris Shadows

Max Level: 7

Element: Ghost

Increased chance for Runes dropping from Rune Guardians Pickaxe must be in hotbar when guardian is killed to apply.

Max Bonus: 60% chance for bonus Rune

Neptulus Wave

Max Level: 10

Element: Water

Grants bonus XP towards PyroMining level

Max Bonus: 10% chance for triple XP

Rezoths Destruction

Max Level: 12

Element: Darkness

Chance for an ore to drop a different mineral when mined

Max Bonus: 10% chance to double the bonus mineral

Seraphs Grasp

Max Level: 7

Element: Shields

Grants bonus Zeta for all ores mined

Max Bonus: 15% chance for 3x Zeta

Skylarks Dream

Max Level: 5

Element: Nature

Increases all flux sell values

Max Bonus: 20% chance for bonus flux

Valakas Nightfall

Max Level: 4

Element: Fighting

Gives chance to receive Haste II for 30-100 seconds when mining ores

Max Bonus: Receive Haste III

Variants Wrath

Max Level: 5

Element: Ghost

Higher chance to find fluxes, artifacts, and gemstones below Y20

Max Bonus: Extension to Y50

Xostrans Glare

Max Level: 5

Element: Slowness

Increased chance for Oracle drops from killing Oracles

Max Bonus: 20% double drops

Vessel Removal

All vessel enchantments and vessel progressions can be removed from a pickaxe in the /mine vessels menu at the cost of 100,000 Zeta. Removing the vessels from your pickaxe clears any PyroMining data on the pickaxe and returns to your inventory a vessel item for each vessel enchantment and each level of the vessel enchantments that were on the pickaxe, and a vessel item for an incomplete vessel progression, if applicable.

For instance: if you had Seraphs Grasp III and Mementos Stopwatch I on your pickaxe, with a Xostrans Glare progression going, you would be given 3x Seraphs’ Vessel, 1x Mementos’ Vessel, and 1x Xostrans’ Vessel.

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