A refinery is a two-block structure consisting of a dropper and an oak fence post. This structure is required to process your mysterious dust into other usable items, as well as for crafting Vessels (custom pickaxe enchantments) out of identified Fossils.

Build: Place a dropper facing upward, and the oak fence on top of it. It is okay for the fence to attach itself sideways to an adjoining wall.

Use: Place mysterious dust, or all 8 identified fossils of a set, into the dropper. Mysterious dust can be placed in stacks. Then right click the fence. The resulting item from mysterious dust will be placed directly in your inventory, or at your feet if your inventory is full. If crafting a Vessel from the fossil set, the vessel item will plop beside the dropper after a long, dramatic pause and some mechanical noises.

Mysterious Dust

Mysterious dust drops from mining ores, and can also be obtained from identified artifacts. When refined, mysterious dust may return nothing, one item, or more than one item. Refer to the refinery to properly use mysterious dust.

  • At all PyroMining levels, it has a 75% chance of returning Rune Dust.

  • At level 20 or higher, there is a 2% chance to obtain Oracleite (uncharged, later used to summon the first Oracle miniboss).

  • At level 25 or higher, there is a 4% chance to receive Ancient Relic.

  • At level 30 and greater, Shattered Requium Orbs may drop.

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