Getting started

Welcome to Bucketry Minecraft! We've created a wiki to get you started that should help you create your own experience.

Gathering Materials

In the main and resource worlds, you can find the ingredients you require. However, we include a specific group of worlds where you can gather supplies for creating whatever you wish. To guarantee that there will be sufficient resources forever, these worlds reset every 7 days. You can access these worlds by typing /worlds.

Creating and managing your land

Land claiming, or "Lands," is an important part to our server, and great for keeping your items and builds safe. We have a detailed guide here:

Setting your first home

Setting a home is a good way to get from one place to another. You can set a point to your base, a farm, or a dimension! To set your first home, use the command/sethome [name]at the location you want to have a home!

Selling items for money

Making money is a good pass time and is needed to progress on our server. One of the quick ways to make money is selling items to the server. There is a more in-depth guide here: