💰Fish Economy

PyroFishing utilizes two currencies: one is monetary, affecting your server coin balance; the other is called entropy.

You can make money with PyroFishing by the act of fishing itself, by selling the custom fish to /fish shop, or by completing some deliveries (not all grant money, but rather other things). Before selling custom fish to the fish shop, you can weigh them in /fish scales to try to increase their value, but at the risk of instead lowering their sale value. The custom fish are also sellable by other server means such as the auction house or chest shops.

Entropy is a vital currency specific to PyroFishing that is required for crafting augments (custom enchants), pulling all augments off a rod, upgrading delivery capabilities, and other miscellaneous actions. Entropy accumulates when you successfully catch custom fish, but can also be earned in other ways. All deliveries have an entropy reward on top of some other reward. Gutting your fish in [/fish gut] consumes the fish and returns you entropy. Entropy earnings can be improved through upgrades to your Fish Skills, augments on your fishing rod (Hot Spot, Call of the Storm, Precision Cutting, and Perception), or redemption of fishing boosters /fish boosters (earned from completing some deliveries). Players also earn extra entropy when fishing in close proximity to other players who are also fishing. An entropy crystal is simply an item representing 10,000 entropy. You can withdraw your own entropy in these increments in the [/fish augment] menu, or obtain them through deliveries or other players. Redeeming an entropy crystal consumes the item and increases your entropy balance by 10,000.

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