Pyro Mining

PyroMining is a complex plugin that upgrades the everyday mining experience in many ways. It introduces to the game many custom items, mining-centered pickaxe enchantments, custom miniboss mobs, and an integrated secondary economy. Your Pyro Mining journey begins as soon as you mine your first ore, and understanding all it has to offer is a bit of a rollercoaster, albeit rewarding as you progress.

Command Summary

  • /mine or /mine menu - open PyroMining home menu
  • /mine journal - view basic information on the various aspects of PyroMining
  • /mine help - view list of available commands
  • /mine stats - view all your PyroMining statistics including level
  • /mine zeta - view your Zeta balance
  • /mine shop - access PyroMining shop to sell fluxes, gemstones, and/or artifacts
  • /mine singularity - upgrade skill tree and check rune requirements
  • /mine artifacts - open the artifacts menu to identify artifacts or fossils and to upgrade artifact passives
  • /mine vessels - open the menu to check current Vessel progress on a pickaxe, and to change requiums

Plugin Summary

Mine ores to obtain fluxes, gemstones, mysterious dust, and artifacts. Sell fluxes, gemstones, and unsealed artifacts to the /mine shop for money. Exchange artifacts for other goods including fossils and requiums in /mine artifacts. Build a refinery to refine mysterious dust into rune dust and other items, and to combine fossils into a vessel. Use rune dust to spawn rune guardians, collect runes, and upgrade your singularity (passive skills). Apply vessels to your pickaxe and fight vessel minibosses with the correct requium ordering in /mine vessels. Spawn and fight oracles to obtain useful bonus items.