Singularity & Runes

The PyroMining “skill tree” is based around a system known as Singularity, which is directly tied with the acquisition of Runes as opposed to your PyroMining level. Access this upgrades menu using /mine singularity. This allows you to check what your current singularity level is overall, and how many points you have available to designate towards passive upgrades. Singularity level has no limitation, but it takes an increasing number of runes to upgrade your singularity each level. The cost to upgrade is all previously required runes plus one additional rune. For instance, if you required 1x Fairy Rune and 1x Ghost Rune when leveling your singularity up to 2, your level 3 upgrade will also require 1x Fairy Rune and 1x Ghost Rune, plus another rune (new or repeated). Each player requires different runes to upgrade their singularity, so trading or bartering with runes may be a good way to help each other.

Rune Guardians

Rune Guardians are side minibosses from which you can obtain elemental Runes. Increasing quantities of runes are required to upgrade your PyroMining passive skills in /mine singularity.
Rune Dust has a 75% chance to drop at all PyroMininng levels from refining mysterious dust, and a variable chance to drop from identifying artifacts in /mine artifacts. Right click a rune dust onto a redstone ore to open the rune guardian spawning menu. You may either spend one rune dust to spawn a random Rune Guardian, or three to spawn a specific one. This latter option is useful when you’re targeting specific runes to upgrade your singularity.
Rune Guardians have different strengths and abilities based on their element; there are seven elements: fire, ghost, lightning, fairy, ground, nature, and water. Killing a rune guardian has a chance to drop the respective elemental rune. This chance can be improved via upgrade in /mine singularity.
Requium Progress
Grants more Requium XP (anger) for each thrall killed.
Rune Drop Chance
Increases drop chance for runes from rune guardians.
Oracle Damage
Reduces damage absorbed from Oracle attacks.
Cheaper Upgrades
Makes zeta-based upgrades cheaper /mine artifacts.
More Zeta
Increases zeta yield from all sources
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