Upgradeable Hoppers

These upgradeable hoppers will definitely replace a large number of regular hoppers you would use on a daily basis. You can buy these hoppers once you reach the Master rank from the /shop menu.
You can also find these hoppers from drops at the Envoysor Mythical /crates.
Simply place one of these hoppers down, and then left click on it to open up a unique menu to manage them.
There's plenty of options to go through for each hopper. It is super self explanatory!
These have a distance of 5,000 blocks. Meaning, you can link hoppers that are up to 5,000 in distance!

Collection Hoppers

These are preferable if you are going for a grinder farm (for example), and want a hopper to suction up every block that drops in its vicinity.

Universal Hoppers

This hopper is the same as the other hopper except you can link up to 5 containers. Works best if you want to efficiently distribute items to more than 1-2 locations.