You will find random meteorites that can spawn in the Resource world
When you see the broadcast for meteorites, they can be found in the Resource world by typing /rw. From here, you will need to find the coordinates of where it spawned.
Keep in mind, that most meteorites will spawn a core, which is a barrel, and when opened, a strong Meteorite Guardian will spawn. This will earn you plenty of loot if succeeding in killing and escaping!
Not all meteorites will spawn a core... leaving it to just being a big ball of nothing.
You can sell most of the loot from the barrel and guardian in /shop at the Miscellaneous section. Which is unlocked once you reach Master rank.

Items you can potentially get from the Meteorite core and killing the guardian

Rank up to Master first, so you can sell the items from a Meteorite
This is a Netherite axe, which you can use, or sell for money
Chance to give various crate keys
A fancy emerald, that you should sell
A fancy Netherite ingot, that you should sell
A fancy Diamond, that you should sell
A fancy Elytra, which you can also sell for money
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