A fun way to find some rare loot!
What are envoys?
Envoys are a special event in the server that allows you to teleport to a raid zone to loot crates from various tiers.
To keep from spoiling the raid experience and loot it provides specifically. This page will only describe the potential rewards.
You will find either Basic, Lucky, or Titan crates. All of them dropping gear ranging from Chainmail all the way up to Netherite gear (enchanted and unenchanted for balancing purposes).
You can also pick up money, voting keys, and other items made to help you progress in the server!
Hologram instructions found at /raid
A lootable basic crate
Keep in mind, PVP is allowed at envoys. You are safe when you teleport there, but once you drop down... everything goes.
You keep your inventory and experience, but if you die- there is a 15 minute cooldown before you can teleport back.