Elite mobs

Here you will find described as briefly as I can the intended gameplay loop for elite mobs. This guide is aimed at players who want to get started and get a grasp on what this all means.
The Adventurer's Guild (/ag)

How to get started

Step 1: Player's first encounter Anyone playing will acquire armor during normal gameplay. Once you have anything at iron level or better, you will start facing Elite Mobs in the Resource world which spawn naturally around you based on the armor you are wearing. These elite mobs (when their level is high enough and the anti-exploit system isn't triggered) can drop three types of loot:
Procedurally generated loot (the most common kind) Custom loot (somewhat rare) Elite Coins
Upon looting, the player will be informed that the coins can be used and the items sold at the store in the Adventurer's Guild (/ag).
The /em menu
Step 2: Discovering the economy Once you have gotten the information about selling items, you will naturally be drawn to sell it. You will find these NPCs at the Adventurer's Guild.
Elite Coins are the only way you can properly buy/sell these items, and which can be used to unlock guild tiers. Unlocking guild tiers is necessary if you wish to progress beyond level 10 mobs and gear. There is also a quest system to acquire more currency, and convince you to seek mobs you would otherwise avoid. Other NPCs there are for you to discover, as they teach you things you would need to get better in this system.
Step 3: Progression You will fight against increasingly stronger elite mobs as you progress through item tiers. By the time you reach Diamond tier, you will find yourself capped by guild tiers, which should encourage you to acquire more coins and rank up. Additionally, you will encounter random events which should increase your interest in various mechanics, especially custom enchantments such as the flamethrower.
Step 4: High Tiers Once you have progressed up to around item tier 80 (or guild tier 8), you will start maxing out difficulty (for now). High level combat requires quite a lot more strategy (maybe less if you have end game custom enchantments), planning, and combat executions than lower levels, as mobs have up to 7 different powers by that stage. Hopefully, you will figure out which loot you want to keep and which you want to discard, and have a good idea of which are your favorite custom items. I highly recommend you make a lot of custom items as these are the main focus of mid to top tier players participating in elite dungeons.
Participating in Dungeons These are locations where custom bosses spawn and, after being killed, respawn on a delay, creating a centralized location where players can challenge tough bosses in a fair way. You should type /em to find the page to teleport to these dungeons.
Dungeons are the best way to get immersed into the elite mobs experience! Make sure you start at a low level dungeon first before making your way through the harder ones.
The Pirate Ship main boss